Kristen’s Quarterbacks


     With the possible quarterbacks coming out in the 2019 draft looking uninspiring, teams that are in immediate need for a good throwing arm are likely looking at other options.  The small, yet promising filed of free agents in the QB position might provide the answer.

     Teddy Bridgewater, drafted out of Louisville in the first round of the 2014 draft to the Minnesota Vikings has potential.  He threw for 28 touchdowns, and was rated a top 10 quarterback in 2015. He then faced a terrible ACL tear that took him out of play for all of 2016 and most of 2017. He played one more game for Minnesota in 2017, putting up 0 completings and a loss of the 3 yards, it was dismal. He ended up with the New York Jets, but was qauickly traded to New Orleans.  He was a backup to Drew brees in 2018, throwing for a total of 118 yards and 1 touchdown in week 16’s loss to Carolina. Bridgewater hasn’t seen a lot of playing time since his injury, but he is ready to keep playing harder. It seems unlikely New Orleans will tag Bridgewater, given they only have around $11 million to work with, and Bridgewater’s tag could cost them close to $16 million.  To keep him, somebody else might have to take a pay cut.  However, Drew Brees is no longer a spring chicken, New Orleans needs to consider the importance of a strong backup, especially one with experience with this team.  Can they afford to keep him with thier current salary cap?  But can they afford to let him with with an aging (yet sill really damn good) quarterback?

     Could Bridgewater be a good fit with the New York Giants?  It’s not certain he’s ready for the starring role, so his value as a backup can’t be ignored.  Eli’s future with the Giants seems to be solid right now, but he struggled in  so New York needs to consider their own need for a good second string.  Bridgewater could be their guy.  Washington and Jacksonville might be interested, but the best fit for Bridgewater will be another year as a backup and getting his knee back into pro-shape. 


     Nick Foles is the winner of THAT Superbowl, the one in which the Greates Of All Time lost to a backup quarterback.  He is the quarterback that should have been a starter three seasons ago. While Wentz is a stellar quarterback on his own, he appears to be made of glass, which has enabled Foles to shine.  Whe he’s never come close the the numbers he posted in 2013, he’s been very consistent.  In 2018, as a backup, he threw a 72% completion rate.  This man knows what he’s doing, and has proven it.  Philadelphia would benefit from tagging him and then trading him, hoping to pick the team he ends up playing for, but that might be too consly a rish for Philly if they can’t trade him for his price tag.  He already payed back the $2 million to get out of his contract, signaling his desire to find a team willing to give him his deserved starting role.  Washington would be a perfect spot for Foles, despite Philadelphia’s chagrin.  It seems unlikely, however, that Washington can afford him seeing as how they are still paying for Alex Smith.  Jacksonville would benefit from Foles as well, but it’s unlikely they’re ready to give up draft picks with Foles as a trade, so this will only be likely to work if he walks as a free agent.